Terms and conditions

Shipping Insurance 

Shipping insurance is provided by ShipInsure. ShipInsure is a 3rd party insurer and can be chosen at check out. It is very reasonably priced and hassle free, in my experience far better than insurance provided by the couriers.

Note: I cannot add shipping insurance after your order is placed.  Insurance is automatically added to your cart. If you do not want insurance, you must opt out and deselect yourself.  Sparrow Knife Co. LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. 


International shipping

International shipping is available on most products, however, is at your own risk. This is because I have no control over customs clearance or interference. It is impossible for me to know every country's laws and duties. It is your responsibility to understand your local laws, regulations, and duties. It is important to fill out your shipping information as accurate as possible.  Including your legal name, phone number, email address etc... I will ship it with the information exactly as you provide it.  I will not ship knives disassembled or falsify any customs forms. 

 Custom Knife and leather warranty and returns.

I stand by my work 100%. Therefore, I offer a limited lifetime warranty against any defects in materials or craftsmanship. Warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, attempted repairs, or modifications. I will make the final decision on warranty claims once I inspect the knife in person. I will do repairs on anything not covered by warranty on a case-by-case basis, and for an agreed-upon fee. It is important to remember that these are handmade. Every piece, down to each screw, is made specifically for that knife. So, replacing a lost or broken part sometimes means reconfiguring the entire knife. It is for this reason that I encourage you to send me the knife for any repairs before attempting to do them yourself. I offer free spa days for this reason. Spa days consist of disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, minor repairs, and sharpening. All I ask is that you pay shipping both ways. I will honor returns on any product for a time period of one week after you receive it. Refunds will only be granted once I have that item back in hand and inspected. Refunds will be for the price of the product minus any fees that I incurred. Examples of fees include but are not limited to payment processing fees, taxes, and extra shipping services.

 Production knife Warranty and returns.

Production knives have a 14-day Warranty covering flaws in materials and craftsmanship that starts the day you receive the knife.  Warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or modifications.  Modifications or attempted repairs void warranty.   I will make the final decision on warranty claims once I inspect the knife in person. I also honor a 14-day return window starting the day you receive the knife. Refunds will only be granted once I inspect the knife and determine that it is in "new condition".  There will be a 10% restocking fee for returns. This fee covers fees that I incurred in the sale of the knife including payment processing and taxes. It is important to remember that although these are factory made, they are still very limited runs and replacements may not be available. 

 Kansept collaborations

Kansept Collaborations are products of Kansept knives.  They fall under their warranty.  Please see the warranty info packet that came with your knife for more info or visit Warranty – Kanseptknives


There will be no Refunds, Returns, or exchanges during a pre-order period.  this is because once you commit to the pre-order those funds are allocated to manufacturing. Once the knives are delivered, I will honor the 14-day policies as stated above.   

 Legal Disclaimer

My knives are designed to be cutting tools, functioning pieces of art. By purchasing one, you are agreeing that you are of legal age and ability to own that knife. You are also agreeing that you will use it in a responsible and safe manner. It is your responsibility to know and understand your local rules and laws. Sparrow Knife Co. LLC is not responsible any Personal or property damages caused by the misuse of any product. 
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